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How to Reservation

HOW TO RESERVATION – Students Housing in Madrid

Rental Process and Reservation


1. Advice and Selection



HOW TO RESERVATION –  Students Housing in Madrid,

The student indicates their preferences and accommodation needs, for which we should answer the following questions:

• When will you arrive to Madrid?

• How long will you stay in Madrid?

• What is your budget?

• What type of accommodation are you looking?

• What areas of Madrid would like to live?

• Special Preferences: (Examples: only share with Women, disability lift required etc)

Our consultant provides options and advises on what budget is needed in the areas you have chosen. Depending on the type of accommodation required, our consultant will match all other aspects to the best of their ability such as and not limited to; rental properties in the area or close proximity, prices, customs, local laws, paying bills, deposits, contracts, etc..

Once the advisor has found a suitable property, you will be helped in the process of signing the contract, reserves, and legal formalities.


2. Reservation



A detailed rental agreement will be sent to the renter which specifies all aspects of bail, booking, duration and payment of our service fee at Erasmus Madrid Rooms. There will also be a section containing our bank details, which will explain where the funds should be sent to complete this easy process.

The student must send the bank transfer receipt via email. The copy should be scanned or directly emailed after the transfer to housinginmadrid@gmail.com. Please note, we now allow photos from high resolution cameras or telephones to make the process as easy as possible for different students needs.

Upon receiving proof of payment we will send you your booking confirmation number. This confirmation number will be sent to the same incoming email address unless specifically asked to send it elsewhere.



3. Signing Contract



Upon arriving in Madrid, a contract shall be signed and we will deliver the keys once the monthly payment and deposit is paid to the rightful owner of the property. In this process you will be sent via email, proof of bank transfer and signed contract.



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Smart Property Search

How does it all work ? Firstly, you need to Find a place you like it and you can ask some advise then book it . Secondly, Pay the 1 month deposit and rent. We can send reservation contract, each two part sign and scan to send by mail. Thirdly, when your reservation confirmed. Finally, Move in and enjoy the Erasmus Madrid Life, for sure Party and fiesta!!!

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5000+ Satisfied User

Erasmus Madrid Flat & Housing and rooms, show simply and directly the latest information on the best rooms in the center of Madrid, ​​offering the opportunity to be part of one of them. It is simple and very helpful when it comes to renting your students housing and rooms. Also, it is a personalized service as they follow up on every possible booking to make the best of it.

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We Are Here To Help You

Erasmus Madrid Flat & Housing and rooms, Not only we are able to enjoy a new city, studying, if not that, well, we are able to get along and create a unique experience of living in which all contribute. Erasmus housing is different because it was created by former Erasmus students. We understand what it’s like living outside and we want in our rooms you feel at home.

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